HOW TO: Use a storm kettle

October 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

If you’re as much of a fan as I am of going off on adventures down rivers in wooden canoes, Famous Five Style (lashings of ginger beer optional), you may have used a storm kettle before. If you haven’t, it’s going to be your new best friend, and we’ve got one to give away, too!

For the uninitiated, tin storm kettles are the nicest bit of camping kit ever. They heat up water over a twig and kindling, woodsmokey fire and make you a cup of tea in minutes. Instant cosiness on camping trips. My lovely friend Simon and I took one on a canoe trip up a pebbly Scottish river, pirate style, to teach you how to use them.


1. Remove the base from the kettle’s bottom and place on flat level ground.

2. Remove the cork from the kettle’s spout and fill with water from a nearby freshwater stream, river or lake.

3. Pop some flammable material into the kettle’s base. Anything you’d normally use to get a wood fire going is perfect – paper, newspaper or twigs and kindling are ideal. Fit the kettle on top of the base.

4. Light a fire through the hole in the side of the kettle’s base using matches.

5. Face the hole into the wind to give the fire air. No wind? simply blow into the hold, taking care not to get your face too near it.

6. Add more twigs, bits of paper and wood to the fire by dropping them down the kettle’s chimney. This bit is really fun. Don’t overfill the kettle, though – a couple more handfuls of tinder are ideal.

7. Wait for the kettle to boil. When thick white steam is coming through the chimney, you’re ready to go.

8. Hold the kettle by the handle and pour away from you into a cup. Be careful not to touch the kettle’s metal surface. Drink a lovely cup of tea!


Our amazing friends at Benson Outfitters are giving a shiny Kelly Kettle worth £50 to The Girl Outdoors to give away to someone who likes heading off into the wilderness (but still needs a nice cup of tea when they get there!).
This competition is now closed. The winner is Daisy Winifred. Well done Daisy!
Check out Benson Outfitters for more beautiful retro camping kit and canvas rucksacks too, perfect presents for any Boy Outdoors!


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  • Daisy-Winifred says:

    Just found your blog after reading your article on surfing locally – I’m near Swansea. Now I’m following you on Twitter as a dream of a Kelly Kettle for making Chai on the certainly one I have:0) Like the content I have read on your blog and will be reading more in the days to come. I’m not quite up to your adventures but am definitely an outdoors gal:0)

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