HOW TO: A guide to Glamping

March 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

The British have always had an affection with the ‘outdoor’ holiday. Whether it be camping in a rickety (or not so rickety) old tent, heading off on holiday in a caravan (there are over one million members of the British Caravan Club) or snapping up static caravans for sale by the sea through companies like Park Resorts, we’ve always been a fan of the great outdoors.

Now, a new type of camping is attracting customers and media attention: “glamping”. Glamping is, like the “staycation” a made up word drawing together good traditional camping, with a more comfortable, more luxurious approach.

Glamping is for those who like waking up in the morning and be just a step away from the great British countryside, but who also like being warm at night and sleeping in a proper comfortable bed. It is, without a doubt, the best of both worlds.

So what can you expect from a glamping holiday? Most sites are fixed and already built, many featuring large tepee type structures or Mongolian style yurt frame tents. These are great because they’re large and spacious, can have several rooms and sport a proper floor. In fact, there’s no real limit to the actual tent itself, although almost all feature canvas in some capacity.

Moving inside, many have some form of central heating, whether that be a gas fire or the more traditional wood approach (most glamp sites do have wooden fires set up outside during the evenings). You’re also almost guaranteed to be warm, and to have a proper mattress – the extra space afforded by the bigger tent is put to good use making sure you have a good nights sleep.

The final luxury on the list, of course, are washing facilities, and glamping sites don’t skimp here either. More sumptuous sites may have their own bathrooms in tents, but more likely than not you’ll see a shower block on the site – not an old, smelly shower block, but a bright, spacious, new one. In short, everything that anyone would expect when their ‘tent’ has a double bed in it.

Glamping sites so far are spread quite thinly across the UK, but new ones are popping up all the time, mostly because the current ones are almost always booked up. If you’re looking around for a holiday this summer and can’t decide what to do, why not try something new and different and book yourself a spot in a glamp site?

Image: Ivan Lian


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