BBC – Great British Outdoors

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Great British Outdoors - BBC 4

The BBC’s Great British Outdoors was billed by Iplayer as “Mud, midges, barbed wire – just why do us Brits love the great outdoors? In this nostalgic look at life for campers, twitchers, ramblers and metal detectors, Mark Benton examines the history of the British fresh air freak.” and RamblingJack on the Live for the Outdoors forum said it was “a very light hearted look at some of the strange things we get up to in the outdoors” so I was pretty excited about watching it (because I’m cool like that). However, I found the whole thing rather too nostalgic. It was a sweet look at rather naff camping in the 1970s narrated by a mildly irritating guy poking fun at anoraked caravanners trying to fry bacon on gas cookers, and nothing to do with practical, realistic camping or hiking, and ignoring anything along the lines of mountain climbing. Probably only a good shout if you actually did go camping in the 70s and want to laugh at how awful it looked.


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